When to use social media law to protect your content


Questioning when to copyright content? Photo Credit: Wikipedia

I found the Legally Speaking: What You Need to Know About Social Media Law blog post from zoeticamedia.com/blog very informative.

It caught my eye how unclear things can be in understanding who owns the right to content, and when the law may or may not be on your side if one elects to try to protect that content.

Generating content is important, and if some person or publication tries to highjack a story or idea, then it is nice to know whether or not there is a course of action to be taken.

The blog author, Andrew Cokenour, discussed how guest speaker Travis Crabtree suggested obtaining a copyright was the best, and maybe the only, way to fully protect one’s content.

It seems that deciding whether or nothing something should be copyrighted can be a little tricky, but knowing how and where to apply for one was a nice resource to have.

Having a working definition of and how to apply for a copyright, how to file a take down notice and some of the complications of doing so were all valuable pieces of information for an aspiring journalist to have.

Social media is likely the forum for much online content and those resources could be valuable for journalists to take note of and protect their work when necessary and feasible.

The law has always seemed to be a little bit behind the structure it is supposed to be designed to protect. It is also beneficial to know the climate and realize that it may be too much of an obstacle to overcome when applying for a copyright.

And, with the world of the internet seeming to grow at a faster pace than what the laws can keep up, it may be a while before the gap closes. Inevitably, other people and entities using content is something we all might deal with, which made the post a compelling read.



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